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Ashtanga Mysore

To deepen in your personal practice the bestway is to join mysore program. We offer regular morning Ashtanga class, mysore style and led both. What is Mysore Style? Mysore style is a multilevel

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Ashtanga Intensive

Our intensive course is a truly unique experience for dedicated Mysore practitioners.

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Prenatal & Postnatal

Specificities of yoga practice during pregnancy and postnatal period. we offer personal classes and course for yogis to expand their knowledge before they give any training to pregnant women.

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Yoga Kinesio Therapy

Sometimes average yoga practice doesn’t cure someone’s pain. Then a person needs to have a personal session with a qualified therapist who can understand and heal the body.

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About Us

Sachin & Liubov Badoni are Authorized Ashtanga yoga teachers. They both practice under Guruji Sharath Jois. They met each other in Mysore and fall in love with each other. So they decided to go further and marry. later they moved to Sachin’s hometown “Rishikesh” and opened a shala as Guruji had blessed them. They began to teach and at the same time, they had a beautiful baby daughter. Who are committed to keeping ashtanga tradition alive.

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Our Mission

We aim to teach or share yoga practice with each individual as it is required to them. Our mission is to spread the awareness of self understanding the concept of body and mind. To spread this all across, our practical experience is the main foundation of our teaching. We follow this particular yoga tradition to make everyone and anyone live consciously to find the wisdom within.

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Ashtanga intensive 1 & 2 weeks

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News from Our Shala

Due to Covid-19 shala is closed till any update from government.

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