A truly unique experience for dedicated Mysore practitioners.

Our Upcoming Intensive Course

November 11th to 23rd Early Bird Discount Till 30th Sep
December 10th to 24th Early Bird Discount Till 5th Dec
March 9th to 21st Early Bird Discount Till 15th Jan
April 6th to 18th Early Bird Discount Till 20th Feb
May 4th to 17th Early Bird Discount Till 30th Mar

Experiencing and embodying the practices within yourself is the best way to be able to guide and teach others with integrity. This two-week course for dedicated Mysore practitioners shows you how to fully integrate practices of Ashtanga Mysore Yoga.

Note: Please note that this is NOT a teacher certification course. Only R.Sharath Jois Director of the Sharath Yoga Center in Mysore, India, can grant Authorization and Certification to teach Ashtanga Yoga.

We are the First Authorised Ashtanga teachers in Rishikesh by Sharath Jois. We offer traditional intensive ashtanga vinyasa yoga course at "Ashtanga Yoga Shala Rishikesh" (AYSRishikesh).

Two week is all about learning the proper technique to practice Ashtanga’s Primary Series. Each day will be based around morning mysore-style or led practice with Sachin & Liubov.

Course Fee
For Indians 25000 INR 5% extra Via
Non-Indian 30000 INR 5% extra Via

Limited Spots: Maximum 12 students will be considered so that we can give perfect attention to all the students.

The confirmation of booking is done after deposit received. Deposit instructions and details will be sent to you once you receive your letter of acceptance, Payment methods (Bank Transfer /PayPal/ Western Union).

Refund policy: All fees are non-refundable. Students can transfer from one course to another at least one month before the start of that course to attend another. After this time fees are forfeited.

AYS Offers the ideal program for beginners and for experienced practitioners either one wish to deepen the practice or to begin the Ashtanga journey. In the course, practitioners will discover a lot of new information and develop skills to improve self-practice and teaching as well.

What will you Learn?

  • We follow Ashtanga Vinyasa Prampara which is taught by Guruji Shri K. Pattabhi Jois and his grandson Sharath Jois. During the course, we study the main aspects and principals of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and implement it into practice and teachings.
  • During the course we help you to build a solid practice based on vinyasa system, applying bandhas, drishti and breath (pranayama). We go through the entire primary series so that eventually practice can become smooth, joyful & meditative.
  • We help you to go through yogic anatomy and physiology of human body & Mind. As the primary series is called yoga chikitsa (yoga therapy) so we explain the therapeutic benefits of entire primary series postures.
  • To understand the spiritual side of ashtanga vinyasa practice Students are also introduced to yoga philosophy and main ancient yoga texts as it gives a strong theoretical foundation of the practice.
  • Yoga practice should not be on mat only but the whole day and whole time in our life. We teach the yoga philosophy, explaining the history of yoga the 8 limbs of yoga and sharing experiences of life and giving some tips to make your life balanced in the contemporary world.
  • It is also very important to know your own geometrical physics of body. Balancing at certain angles and balancing the body, extending and twisting body to a certain level and balancing. so we will go through the alignment and hands-on adjustment.
  • We go through the whole primary series. Without pranayama yoga is incomplete. so we definitely do breathing exercises (pranayama). we teach pranayama right afterward morning practice.

Note: 2 weeks course timing of each and every class will be confirm on the first day. Sunday is off day


Everyone is welcome, people with no (ashtanga) yoga experience, with injuries or other conditions as well as seasoned ashtanga practitioners. Just come as you are and immerse yourself in your being-ness. Beginners are asked to join for 2 weeks to facilitate the best possible start and a thorough foundation in ashtanga yoga. Classes will be held in English.



The Mysore Intensive is a non-residential Yoga course and students are asked to book their own accommodation. You can choose from a great variety of accommodation (different budgets and needs) within a 5 min walk to a 10 min. As this is a popular destination we recommend to seek accommodation as early as possible.

What is Mysore Style?

Mysore style is a multilevel class where advanced practitioners and total beginners fine their space to learn and grow. Each student receives individual instructions from the teacher.

What is Led Class?

In led class students are taught with instruction and vinyasa counting in Sanskrit. On led class day all student begin together the primary series with teacher instructions and closing together.